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10 Tips

  • Carry-on Luggage

    Before taking the plane, prepare a carry-on bag containing some essentials in the event that your luggage is late, or you arrive early at the hotel, before your room is ready. For example, bring a bathing suit and sandals in your carry-on so that you can take maximum advantage of your vacation time!

  • Packing Your Suitcase

    Most people have a tendency to over-pack for a vacation. Weight limits for luggage should encourage you to exercise restraint. Choose articles of clothing that go together, and choose footwear that can be worn with many different outfits. Bring travel sized shampoo, gel, toothpaste and creams to help save space in your suitcase.

  • Children

    When planning to travel with children, include them in your planning. Ask them about their ideas for destinations, transportation and departure dates, all while retaining control of course! By participating in the planning of the trip, kids get excited about traveling and are less likely to be afraid of leaving their familiar environment.

  • Exercising on the Plane!

    To avoid numbness or swelling in the airplane, do a little exercise during the flight. For example, lift your heels and rest on the balls of your feet to raise your knees, rotate your ankles, point your toes, etc. Wear loose-fitting clothing to encourage good circulation. Wear support stockings (by prescription) if you suffer from blood clots or varicose veins. And drink plenty of water.

  • Control Your Fear of Flying

    Airplanes are the safest mode of transport by far. If you are among those who feel more secure on the ground than in the air, try these tips :

    • Take your time getting on the aircraft. No need to be the first on the plane when boarding is called.
    • Once on board, sit comfortably and try to relax.
    • Once seated, use strategies to take your mind off flying: talk with your seat neighbor, read or listen to music. You could even speak with the flight attendants, who can help put you at ease.
    • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol, which may increase your feelings of fear or discomfort.
  • Representatives at Your Destination

    In all-inclusive packages, most tour operators offer the services of a representative at your destination. Do not hesitate to use these services in order to familiarize yourself with everything the hotel has to offer, including excursions.

  • Price

    Always ask the price before doing something, such as getting a room at a hotel or taking a taxi. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. With public transport, find out about fares from other passengers, as sometimes unscrupulous drivers or companies can ask you to pay « tourist prices ».

  • Buffets

    When you are staying at a hotel with a buffet and you are afraid of getting tired of the food, select one particular thing to eat at each meal. For example, you could have pasta one evening and seafood the next.

  • Calling Cards

    Buy a calling card at your destination if you want to use the phone in your room, or you could use your cell phone, which is less expensive than calling directly from the hotel.

  • Dirty Laundry

    Bring a bag for your dirty laundry. You could bring a travel-size stain-removal product and a travel-size package of laundry detergent if you want to wash a few items in the sink.