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South Destination

South Destination

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For reservations with children, enter '1' for number of rooms, or contact us.
* If your kid is between 0-23 months old and will have 2 years old when you will come back from your trip, you need to choose 2 years old in the age field because the kid will need to have an airplane seat for the flight back.

Our Travel Destinations Down South

With almost thirty tourist destinations, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico are just waiting to be discovered!

Admire the lush peaks of Saint-Lucie, brave the smoking summits of Nicaragua, stroll through the historic streets of Cuba, be dazzled by the colorful architecture of Curacao, play in the waves of the Pacific Ocean, bask in the desert landscape of Mexico’s Baja California, dive into the underwater splendors of Roatan, wander down one of Puerto Rico’s trendy promenades, see a sloth on a hike in Costa Rica, delight in some jerk chicken in Jamaica, treat yourself to colorful souvenir in El Salvador, kick back on a virgin beach in Turks and Caicos Islands…can’t you just feel the sun beckoning you to come down for a vacation?

Discover all the advantages of a trip down south, as well as the variety of vacation packages offered by Voyages Bergeron and its suppliers. Think about your favorite destination choices, and take note of what is essential to you, as well as best times to travel and travel insurance, and benefit from incredible savings!

Bring on the sunshine! Why go down south for your vacation?

  • Destinations less than 5 hours flight away
  • Turn-key way to travel
  • Services of a representative at destination
  • Travel format that suits all types of travellers: solo, families, multigenerational, couples, special events, etc.
  • Packages that meet every budget and are easy to shop for
  • Wide range of tourist accommodations
  • Destinations for all tastes and interests
  • Excellent combination of comfort and discovery
  • Warm weather, sun and sea all year round!

Imagine that moment when you get off the airplane and feel the soft, warm air caressing your skin. That is when you know… your unforgettable vacation has begun!

Imagine the smile of the people welcoming you to their country, the refreshing taste of an ice-cold cerveza for the road, gorgeous tropical gardens, the vivid colors of a new, exotic landscape, the odor of cigars, hot sand and blue sea, the sound of waves lapping at the shore… Who wouldn’t appreciate a trip down south to sunshine and warmth?

There are many reasons for going down south. We bet even the most skeptical will be tempted!

What are the different vacation-packages down south?
There’s a package to suit every taste!

Whatever your needs, tastes or dream-vacation ideas may be, there is an all-inclusive package waiting for you! Whether travelling solo, or in a couple or family, warm sunny holidays are available for all types of travellers.

What are the different vacation-packages

Choosing the right meal plan.

The following basic inclusions are part of every all-inclusive package:

  • Return flight
  • Transfers to and from destination airport and hotel
  • Service of a representative at destination site
  • Accommodations for period selected
  • Hotel service charges and taxes

The next thing to do is choose the meal plan that suits you. Four options are offered in southern vacation packages.

All Inclusive (AI)

All Inclusive (AI) is the most popular option among travellers. On top of basic inclusions, you get:

  • 3 meals a day, plus snacks
  • Limitless beverages, with or without alcohol
  • Entertainment and activities

European Meal Plan (PE ou EP)

The European Meal Plan does not include any meals, snacks or beverages. European Plan south-destination packages offer only basic inclusions.

2-Meals-A-Day Plan (MAP)

On top of basic inclusions, the 2-meals-a-day plan includes:

  • 2 meals a day

Meal plan Breakfast (BP)

Includes the breakfast:

  • Breakfast

Aside from all-inclusive packages down south, it is also possible to reserve the following tourist services:

Flight and Hotel

Flight and Hotel service includes:

  • Return flight
  • Applicable meal option
  • Service of a representative at destination site
  • Accommodations for period selected
  • Hotel service charges and taxes

Accommodations Only

Accommodations Only includes:

  • Applicable meal option
  • Service of a representative at destination site
  • Accommodations for period selected
  • Hotel service charges and taxes

Choosing the vacation package that’s right for you

Make your vacation a fabulous get-away by choosing the southern-travel package that is just right for you.


Travelling as a family has never been easier! With our Family-Hotel Collections and Family-Packages search tab, parents can choose from a wide selection of hotel complexes with play areas, supervised kids’clubs for all age groups, continuous entertainment, installations and service specifically designed for youngsters, not to mention spacious rooms accommodating 5 people or more.


The whole family can afford to enjoy the sun, thanks to numerous promotions on children’s rates. Whether its discounted prices, extra inclusions or free value-added offers, hotels and suppliers do what they can to put a smile on everyone’s face, no matter the age! Sign up for our newsletter and find out more by contacting your Voyage Bergeron travel-adviser.

Solo Travellers

Solo Travellers

Travelling alone is a great way to relax, recharge and discover…without having to compromise!

Click on our Solo Packages tab to find single-accommodation rates and all-inclusives that don’t charge extra for singles.

Widen your horizons, live new experiences, be as active as you want, meet other travellers and benefit from exclusive inclusions thanks to our Solo Collections.

Adults Only

Adults Only

For those who want to get away without children, there are places set aside for your own slice of paradise! Many hotels in the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico are reserved exclusively for adults, while others have adults-only sections. Find out more from your Voyages Bergeron travel adviser, and by clicking on the Adults Only tab on our web site.

Dual Packages

Dual Packages

Dual travel packages combine the best of both worlds: relaxing on the beach plus discovering new horizons. After a few days of seaside rest, you can choose from an urban escapade, a scuba diving adventure or a hike through a tropical forest. Available in 7 or 14-day packages, Dual is a great choice for travellers who want it all.

What are the best periods to travel?


While the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico all offer a warm climate year-round, there are certain periods more likely to have good weather!

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Rainy Season
High High High Medium Medium Low to Medium Medium to High Medium to High Low Medium Medium High

: hot and humid
: hot and mild

Tropical climates have two seasons: dry and rainy

Dry season is characterized by nice, warm weather and long, sunny days. It lasts from end of November to end of April.

Rainy season starts in early May and ends in November. During these months, our sunny destinations are at greater risk of rain showers, high heat and humidity.

Hurricane season extends from mid-May to end of November.

Consult the When To Leave chart to get detailed seasonal information about your travel destination.


Although there are high and low seasons for travel, vacation-lovers go south all year long thanks to attractive prices in periods when demand is low.

There is no ideal moment to reserve your place in the sun. Prices fluctuate with variations in offer and demand, which is why it is recommended that you book your reservation when you find the vacation package you want within the budget you’ve determined – otherwise you may risk seeing the price go up or availabilities disappear.

Voyages Bergeron and its suppliers often launch promotions offering either savings or more inclusions. That’s why it’s a good idea to subscribe to our Newsletter – that way you won’t miss anything!

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  • and Reset Date

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travelling with peace of mind means travelling with insurance coverage. You certainly deserve a vacation without worry, and that is why it is essential to purchase travel insurance. In the event of unforeseen emergencies, travel insurance protects you from extra, undesirable costs.

There is a wide selection of travel insurance products, and it is important to make the choice that is right for you and the type of trip you are taking.

First and foremost, we invite you to complete the Registration of Canadians Abroad form. It is a free service and allows the Government of Canada, should the need arise, to send you pertinent information regarding natural disasters, civil unrest or health advisories before and/or during your trip.

What influences insurance rates?

  • Length of stay
  • Traveller’s age
  • Traveller’s health
  • Price of trip
  • Amount of coverage
  • Coverage included in your travel insurance plan

What is covered in a travel insurance plan?

There are many different insurance plans, so every traveller can find one that suits his or her needs. For families, young adults, retirees, long-stay travellers or those who want partial coverage, there’s something for everyone. At the bare minimum, however, every traveller should have medical and emergency-hospital-stay coverage. Plans vary according to what is included. The essentials are:

  • Medical and emergency hospital care
  • Travel cancellation and interruption
  • Missed connection
  • Lost, damaged or late luggage
  • Flight accidents and travel accidents
  • Document replacement
  • Boarding refusal

In the end, consider getting the plan that offers you the most complete coverage.

Where do I purchase travel insurance?

Your employer’s insurance plan and certain credit card companies offer certain travel insurance coverage.

Many insurance companies sell travel insurance. Manulife Travel Insurance offers excellent plans for every type of traveller. (

Certain suppliers also offer insurance products:

Transat Vacations:

Sunwing Vacations:

Air Canada Vacations:

What are the main differences between insurance products from suppliers versus traditional insurance plans, such as group insurance, credit cards and insurance companies?

Suppliers Group insurance, credit cards, insurance companies
Eligibility Requirements Not high Not high to very high
Travel Insurance Purchase when making reservation We recommend purchasing as soon as possible after making reservation
Travel cancellation and interruption Partial or complete reimbursement in form of travel credits Partial or complete reimbursement in form of money
Coverage Limited Limited to complete

No matter what, be sure to find out about the insurance plan’s eligibility requirements, limitations and conditions before purchasing. Our travel advisers will be happy to help you! Please contact us at 1-888-SOLEIL.