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Personal Information Policy

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Voyages Bergeron Inc. places a significant emphasis on the privacy and security of your personal information. This personal information policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and protect your personal information, all in accordance with current provincial and federal laws.

By providing personal information, you consent to the processing of this information as outlined in this policy. Furthermore, you grant permission to Voyages Bergeron, as well as its partners and service providers (if applicable), to process your personal information in accordance with the objectives stated below.


  • Use of cookies

    We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience and gain a better understanding of your use of our website. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer during your visit to our website. They include details such as display language and certain browsing habits. This data is used for statistical purposes, as well as to enable specific functions and streamline your navigation. Information collected through cookies remains confidential at all times. You have the option to disable or block cookies by adjusting your browser settings.

  • Collection of information

    We may collect your personal information from various sources, including during bookings, online interactions, phone calls, or in-person visits with one of our team members, as well as through our social networks, newsletters, surveys, and contests.

    Personal information that may be collected includes, but is not limited to:

    • Identification information: name, residential address, email address, phone number, gender, age/date of birth, passport number, etc.
    • Login information: account identification information, IP address, login data, etc.
    • Financial information: payment data, transaction history, etc.
    • Reservation information: preferences, special needs, travel dates, flight and hotel information, etc.
    • Interactive information: emails, recorded phone calls, social media, etc.
    • Sensitive personal information: convictions, physical and mental health, etc.
    • Other information: correspondences, comments, reviews, etc.
  • Use and Disclosure of information

    We use your personal data to facilitate the provision of travel services and to maintain communication with you regarding these services. In certain situations, we may share this information with our partners (tour operators, airlines, hotels, etc.) to ensure the delivery of travel services. This information is only accessible to service providers involved in your trip, solely for the purpose of ensuring its smooth execution. We verify your identity to ensure the security of your financial information related to a purchase and to prevent fraud while maintaining rigorous control over customer service quality. Additionally, your personal data may be used to send you promotions and travel information. Finally, they may be used for any other purposes authorized or required by law.

    It is important to note that Voyages Bergeron Inc. disclaims any responsibility for the use and disclosure of personal information that you provide to third parties associated with your trip, during or after it.

  • Retention of information

    We will retain your data only as long as necessary based on the reasons for which it was initially collected or processed, in accordance with our policy and in compliance with applicable privacy laws. For example, personal information related to your reservation will be kept to execute your specific travel arrangements. Subsequently, we store this data for a determined period to manage any requests, concerns, claims, or legal proceedings related to the reservation. We regularly review our held data and securely delete or anonymize it.

  • Security of your data

    Our team is highly aware of safeguarding your personal data. We employ physical, organizational, and technological methods to ensure the confidentiality of your information and protect it against loss, theft, transmission, reproduction, use, or alteration. We act with caution and adhere to this policy when transmitting your personal data to suppliers and partners associated with your reservation, even if they are located outside of Quebec.

  • Links to other websites

    The Voyages Bergeron Inc. website contains links to websites operated by other companies. By clicking on these links, you are leaving the website. Voyages Bergeron Inc. has no control over the operation of these websites, and the fact that they are listed on does not in any way engage the responsibility of Voyages Bergeron Inc. All personal information you transmit through these sites will be subject to the personal information protection policy of those sites.

  • Access to information

    After being identified, you have the opportunity to request access to your personal data in our possession, in accordance with current legal authorizations or obligations. In certain situations, a written request from you may be required.

    Regarding a reservation, your personal data cannot be transmitted or modified by a third party unless they are a registered traveler or payer in the file and you give your consent. A written agreement may be required. Access to your personal information is subject to local legislation and courts.

  • Accuracy and Updating of your personal data

    If you need to modify your personal information (e.g., change of address, phone number, etc.), we encourage you to contact us promptly by phone or email so that we can keep your file and our databases up to date. On our part, we ensure to verify the completeness of the personal information you provide us during the reservation.

    At any time, you have the option to request corrections to your personal data in our possession. Subsequently, if necessary, we will ensure the updating of your reservation with our suppliers and partners directly related to your file.

  • Contact Information for the Personal Information Protection Officer

    For any questions regarding the processing or updating of your personal information or to voice any concerns in this regard, please contact:

    Tanya Brown-Dubé
    Director of Customer Service & HR Manager

    The personal information protection officer will contact you within thirty (30) days of receiving your email.

    In case of a serious privacy incident, the personal information protection officer will notify the Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec, as well as the individuals affected by the incident.

  • Changes to this policy

    We may modify the content of this privacy policy at any time without notice.

    Update: August 16, 2023