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General conditions

Dummy landing banner is an e-commerce website belonging to Voyages Bergeron Inc., a corporation constituted under Quebec Business Law and registered in Quebec since 1950. Buying a trip through the Internet allows you to make your choice and proceed with your purchase in the comfort of your home or office.

Should you need advice in choosing your trip or planning your itinerary, please call one of our travel consultants toll-free by phone at our offices(see Contact Us) or contact us by e-mail at one of the following or

Voyages uses maximum security for all transactions. Using the Voyage Bergeron website to purchase a trip implies your acceptance of the following conditions:



Customers acknowledge risks related to the spread of infectious or contagious diseases. It remains the customer’s responsibility to make the necessary precautions applicable to any health hazards, including but not limited to COVID-19. We would like to inform you about to ensure the safety of all guests and employees, resorts may have mandatory safety protocols in place, and the availability of their services and facilities may be impacted.



  • Role of Voyages Bergeron

    Voyages Bergeron holds a Quebec licence to act as a retail travel agency. Voyages Bergeron does not act as a wholesaler or as a supplier for individual services or products included in a package tour (air ticket, lodging, etc.). All the products and services appearing on our site are supplied by wholesalers, independent of Voyages Bergeron. Voyages Bergeron acts as your sales agent when we book and transmit your request for a reservation and your payment to the wholesaler. We also act as the agent of the wholesaler when we confirm your reservation and provide you with travel documents.

  • No Advice Obligation

    When you book and purchase a trip on our site, Voyages Bergeron cannot evaluate your needs or requests. As a consequence, Voyages Bergeron has no obligation to advise you. You are the only one responsible for choosing the trip whose presentation and description belong exclusively to the wholesalers. Voyages Bergeron shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied by the wholesalers. If you wish to be given advice regarding your choice, you may contact Voyages Bergeron travel consultants by phone at our offices (see Contact Us).

  • User's Responsibilities

    You, the user, attest that you are at least 18 years of age, possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement, to purchase and use the products and services and to use this Web site in accordance with all terms and conditions herein. You agree to be financially responsible when making purchases through the Voyage Bergeron site, and are solely responsible for your account and your password. You also agree that all information supplied by you or proxy members using this Web site in your name is true and accurate. Remember that false declarations can constitute an offence liable to prosecution.

  • Travel Documents

    It is your responsibility and expense to obtain all documents, such as passport, visas, etc., required by the government authorities in the countries of your destination. If you need information as to which papers are required, please contact Voyages Bergeron or the consulate or the embassy of the countries you intend to visit. The traveler who does not have the necessary documents can be rejected by the airline or customs agent of the countries of destination. In such a case, cancellation fees apply and Voyages Bergeron shall not be held responsible. For additional Information, visit If the traveller doesn’t have the Canadian Citizenship, he is responsible to find himself the accurate information to get the documentation required to travel. To avoid all problems, Voyages Bergeron recommends to his clientele to have a passport still valid a minimum of 6 months after their return date.

  • Terms and Conditions of the Wholesalers and Suppliers

    The travel services are subject to the terms and conditions of the wholesaler and/or the supplier, of your voucher and tickets. We recommend that you take note of the terms and conditions of the wholesalers or suppliers before you make a reservation using the Web site. When you transmit your credit card number to purchase a trip, you confirm that you have read and accepted the herein General Conditions and those of the wholesaler and/or supplier. The terms and conditions of the wholesalers and suppliers generally include fees in case of a cancellation or a change in the products purchased. It is your responsibility to present yourself at the airport check-in counter well before the flight (usually three (3) hours minimum before departure time), as well as to be aware of the availability of the services at your destination, and that changes may affect the flights or the hotels.

    You shall verify the accuracy of the flight schedules 72 hours before departure. Voyages Bergeron does what it can to transmit information about schedule changes before you leave for your destination and/or before your return flight, however it is entirely your responsibility to check schedules the day before your flight as well as the day before your return home in case there has been any change in flight schedule, flight number or boarding gate. (To do so, please consult the INFO section in the home page of our website, and then click on BEFORE LEAVING for the list of flight carrier’s websites, or go to the website of your departure airport.)
    The flights schedules, type of aircraft, the Carrier and the itinerary are subject to change without notice and without compensation for the Traveller.

    After checking in for your flight at the airline counter or at an automatic check-in machine at the airport, you must make your way without delay to the departure gate in time for boarding. The gate and boarding time are both indicated on your boarding pass. If you do not board the plane and miss your flight, neither the airline company nor the travel agency nor the supplier can be held responsible. You will not, under any circumstances, be reimbursed.

    If you are taking a flight to reach a port of departure for a cruise, we advise that you leave the day before in order to ensure that an unexpected change in the airlines itinerary will not cause you to miss your ship.

    Depending on the arrival time at your destination, it is possible that your room will not be ready when you check into your hotel. Check-out time is also established by hotel management, regardless of the time of your return flight. (For example, when you arrive you could get access to your room at 3:00 p.m. and, when it’s time to leave, you could be obliged to vacate your room at 11:00 a.m.) If you buy only one part of a vacation package with Voyages Bergeron (for example, you purchase the flights with Voyages Bergeron and a cruise, a tour or a side trip with another agency), it is entirely your responsibility to give us the information regarding these other services in order to ensure that the schedules fit together. Voyages Bergeron is in no way responsible for late or cancelled services that were not purchased from a Voyages Bergeron agent if you neglected to give us information about these services, and therefore will not compensate you in any way.

    Voyages Bergeron is not involved in the preparation, organization, or provision of products and services of a trip, including package tours which commit only the wholesaler or supplier. Voyages Bergeron disclaims any responsibility in this matter and in any damage, lost, theft, incident or injury which may occur during the trip.


  • Prices and Other Information

    Please note that the cost of your purchase, whether it is a package, flight, hotel, car rental or any other tourist product, will be directly charged on your credit card by the supplier. Extra costs such as departure taxes or airport taxes may apply. All the travel services you purchase on this Web site or by phone will be delivered depending on availability. All of the prices listed on the Voyages Bergeron Web site are given in Canadian currency unless specified of another currency. They include federal and provincial taxes, but they exclude delivery fees. Depending on the type of reservation, service fees of CAD $ 60.00 (tax included) could be charged to you for each ticket issued. The price of any travel services will be the one given to you at the time of your purchase. Voyages Bergeron disclaims any responsibility in a price change that may occur before you have finalized your transaction. The customer recognizes that the price of the contract can be modified in the case of a fuel surcharge on the part of the airline, an increase in GST and PST, or an increase in exchange rates if the exchange rate applicable 45 days before the date of services has increased by more than 5% since the date that the contract has concluded. In the case that the increase is more than 7% of the price of tourist products indicated on the bill, excluding GST and PST, the client can then choose between cancelling the contract with full reimbursement of the price, or accepting replacement services which may be offered by the travel agent. However no price modification can be made in less than 30 days before departure. You understand and accept that we are not responsible for price changes carried out by the suppliers after you have made your reservation. If the price decreases before your departure, you do not have any right to any reimbursement or travel credit from Voyages Bergeron.

  • Prices in Quebec

    Certain jurisdictions regulate advertisement for trip prices and other tourist services by forcing wholesalers and suppliers to indicate only the total cost to pay for the advertised trip (including taxes, service fees and other incidental expenses). This rule does not apply in all Canadian provinces. Voyages Bergeron will always tell you the total cost to be paid for the travel services you wish to purchase.

  • Misprints, Mistakes and Availability

    Information and prices of travel services come directly from our wholesalers. In the event of misprints and mistakes, Voyages Bergeron and its suppliers reserve the right to correct prices and fees of the products and services appearing on the Web site at anytime, without notice or liability. Voyages Bergeron cannot guarantee that the products or services advertised on the Web site will be available at the time you wish to purchase them or thereafter. Voyages Bergeron and its suppliers reserve the right to reject, correct or cancel a reservation or a request for availability for a trip. Should you wish to purchase products and services for which the advertised prices are inaccurate, Voyages Bergeron and its suppliers reserve their right to reject your offer by notifying you orally or in writing. The price for the purchase of a trip is the one indicated to you at the time of your purchase. Products and services are subject to availability at the time of purchase.

  • Payment

    The travel services you wish to purchase must be paid either by making the required deposit and respecting the final payment date indicated while making the online purchase, or paying in full while making the online purchase. If your purchase allows you to take advantage of only making a deposit, you must respect the final payment date mentioned in your online purchase. Omission to respect final payment date may result in the cancellation of your reservation without notice by Voyages Bergeron, its wholesalers or suppliers, automatically rendering your deposit 100% non-refundable, whether the transaction was made on line or by phone. Voyages Bergeron cannot be responsible for your omission to make the deadline for payment. You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards.

  • Finalizing Your Purchase

    The purchase contract is final only when you provide your credit card number to pay for your reservation, either for the deposit required or final payment, at which point you accept in full the supplier’s general conditions. Before giving your credit card number there is no obligation on your part, or on the part of Voyages Bergeron or its suppliers. When you give your credit card number on Voyages Bergeron’s transactional website or by phone to one of our travel consultants, you immediately and automatically commit yourself to paying the requested deposit as well as the remaining balance by the date shown when you made your purchase, or the total cost of the travel services. Your account will immediately be debited for the amount of your purchase. If the name of at least one passenger indicated on your reservation form is not the credit card owner, your reservation request will not be processed by the wholesaler or supplier until Voyages Bergeron receives: 1) a letter of authorization duly signed by the owner in order to authorize Voyages Bergeron to debit the card to pay for the trip, and 2) a photocopy of both sides of the card with the owner’s complete address. The purchase will be final only after having received this information. Meanwhile, the availability and the price of the trip you wish to purchase may change without notice. When purchasing flight only, a pre-authorization "authorized transaction" will be made on the credit card. The PNR and the confirmation do not guarantee the issuance of the ticket. has to validate the PNR for the rules and conditions of the airline's fare contract before the ticket is issued. Only after the ticket is issued will the purchase be completed. If we are unable to issue the ticket under the conditions indicated on the confirmation, the "authorized transaction" will be deleted by the financial institution and the transaction request will be cancelled by

    In the on-line purchase form has provided a « special request » space, where you may let us know about any special needs you may have, such as wheel chairs, special meals, food allergies, etc. cannot guarantee that your requests will be met; special requests are not part of contractual obligations on the part of suppliers or wholesalers.

  • Purchase Cancellation and Changes

    You must inform Voyages Bergeron by phone if you wish to cancel a purchase. Communication by e-mail or voice mail does not guarantee cancellation. Once your cancellation has been approved by one of our travel agents, he will ask you to confirm your intention by email. The email must be sent to us during our business hours. Otherwise, it will be processed by an agent only during our business hours so the service-supplier cancellation terms may be different when processing your cancellation request. If you are not the buyer, the credit card holder will also have to confirm the cancellation by email to one of our travel agents, first by phone then by email. Once your purchase is complete, you are subject to cancellation or change fees that wholesalers or suppliers require. You may refer to the terms and conditions of the wholesaler or supplier of the travel services that you have purchased. In addition to wholesaler and supplier fees, Voyages Bergeron requires a minimum of $ 50.00 per person per file in case of cancellation or change regarding a purchase.

    Please note that if you cancel a booking, you must imperativly and without any delay, returm the postal rebate check that you have received. This check will then be cancelled.

  • Document Delivery

    After you have completed your transaction, Voyages Bergeron will e-mail you to confirm the travel services you have purchased. Please make sure that all of the information is correct and refer to your e-mail confirmation for any further request regarding your purchase. The tour operator or supplier usually delivers the tickets to Voyages Bergeron 14 to 30 days prior to departure. Tickets can be pick-up at our office, airport pick-up or be delivered to you by mail by Canada Post, free of charge or always according to the method you choose, that is: by courier a minimum of 15$ delivery fee can be charged. Also free of charge if it is an electronic ticketing. In requesting an airport pick-up, the customer is fully responsible for complying with the conditions as stated by the supplier and for any mistake that could appear on the travel documents. It is your responsibility to verify all travel documents for errors prior to your trip, subject to modification fees for any corrections. For delivery outside North America, the delivery fees will vary depending on the courier company and the delivery address.

  • Insurance

    Voyages Bergeron recommends that travelers acquire travel insurance. Voyages Bergeron is not an insurance company, but offers you Manulife products. Other insurance companies also offer travel insurance. The decision to purchase insurance is solely your responsibility, as is the onus to be aware of types of protection and clauses of any insurance policy you may acquire. Voyages Bergeron shall disclaim its responsibility in the case that the insurance company should refuse coverage for whatever reason. Insurance policies impose exclusions especially but not exclusively in case of pre-existing medical conditions. They also require time limits and procedures to submit a claim. The coverage offered by different insurance policies may vary. Once you have purchased a trip, Manulife allows you to buy travel insurance within 48 hours, or increase the coverage of an insurance package already purchased from Manulife. If you decide to cancel the insurance you have bought through Voyages Bergeron, you must advise the insurance company within 10 days. Any claim for reimbursement shall be made under Manulife’s General Conditions or the conditions of the company you have chosen and according to the laws in effect in the province of Quebec, Canada.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

    To ensure the successful fulfillment of your travel arrangements, Voyages Bergeron is required to provide information (such as name and address) about you and your purchase to the wholesaler, airline or supplier. Voyages Bergeron commits itself to respecting the privacy of its customers. Names and information pertaining to customers shall not be given or sold to third parties. All communication with Voyages Bergeron remains confidential. Voyages Bergeron will not send you any unsolicited information.

  • Copyright / Trademarks

    All content including text, photos, tabs, icons, images and software appearing on this site are protected by Canadian and international copyright laws. Copyright laws prohibit modification, copying, distribution, transmission, display, performance, reproduction, publishing or selling any information, software, products, or services obtained from the Voyages Bergeron site. Creation of derivative works or licenses is also prohibited.

  • Links to Other Sites

    Links to other websites included in this site are provided for information purposes only and do not imply endorsement on the part of Voyages Bergeron. Voyages Bergeron does not guarantee the security of Web sites other than its own. It is strictly prohibited to link to this Web site without the express written permission of Voyages Bergeron. To request permission to link to this Web site, please send an e-mail to, Voyages Bergeron reserves the right to cancel and revoke any permission it may give to link to this Web site at any time without notice or liability. The framing of this Web site or any of its content is strictly prohibited.

  • Managing Complaints

    If your trip did not go as planned and you wish to make a complaint or a claim, please write to us at We will consider your information and respond within 10 days of receiving it.

  • Legal Action

    If a client of Voyages Bergeron decides to sue the agency, the latter reserves the right to request full reimbursement of expenses directly or indirectly incurred as a result, as well as an hourly fee of $30 in the case that the agency is declared not guilty or not responsible. The buyer, traveler and/or passenger hereby acknowledges having read and understood the sales conditions mentioned in this document.

  • Distances and Transfers

    The displayed distances are calculated approximately between the resort and airport. The real distance could be different. Transfer durations are indicated for information purposes only and don’t necessarily reflect reality as incidents may occur during transfer. is not responsible if the duration and the distance are different than displayed on our website.

  • Health

    It is your responsibility to be aware of the latest health advice and information about vaccines, infections and diseases in the country or countries you will visit. Please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada website for more information.

  • Individual and Group Fees
    Before opening file/booking Voyages Bergeron Inc. Fees
    Fee for any "à la carte" package search request 50$ per request/search
    Individual File Voyages Bergeron Inc. Fees
    Correction and/or addition of name to travel document 25$ per person
    Change in name or passenger 25$ per person
    Change in departure date, hotel or destination 25$ per person
    Change in hotel room category 50$ per room
    Change in hotel room occupancy 25$ per person
    Trip cancellation 25$ per person
    Fee for change in credit card or method of payment 25$ per card or method of payment
    Fee for exceeding date of final payment 25$ per file
    Return of undeposited cheque (if dated less than 6 months prior) 20$ per cheque
    Change in name on a cheque 20$ per cheque
    Group File Voyages Bergeron Inc. Fees
    All changes 25$ per change
    Fee for every 3 quotes 50$ (deducted from final payment)

    *Please note that taxes are not included.
    *Fees are subject to change without notice.